Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Valentine's Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


Romantic Valentine’s Day Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend


You may not hold my hand for long,
but you hold my heart forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day My love!


For today or tomorrow, be mine,
forever and ever and ever.
Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart!


God has created you only for me,
because he knows no one can love you more than me.
Happy Valentine’s Day Dear!


I will hold on to you forever
because I have never known
someone more special than you.
Happy Valentines Day My Dear!


My hearts takes just one second to say “I Love You”,
but your love make smile on my face lasts throughout my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day Dear!


Your love is the key of happiness in my life
whose inspire and motivate me to love you more than anyone can do.
Happy Valentine Day!


I don’t know what place is there for me in your heart,
but my day starts to after wish you “I love you”.
You make my so wonderful
and satisfy my world with the beautiful feeling of love.
Happy Valentine Day my love!


Every day I forget all the reason makes me sad after see you,
you make my world so beautiful with your love,
where there I only found happiness and no place for sorrow.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


Everyday your love make me realize
that I m dating princess of my fairy tale.
Happy valentine’s Day Love!


Everyday knowing that how much you love me,
light up my world brighter that the sun could ever be.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


To my princess your love is like a treasure to me
which make me feel like a royal highness
and fill my world with lots of love and happiness.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day Love Messages For Him Her


Happy Valentine's Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend



Your love is like a blessing for me which give the feeling of peace
and fill my world with happiness.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


I want to start my every day after seeing you
which make a smile on my face for a whole day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


I am the luckiest guy that you are in my life
and love as I do; you make my world so wonderful.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


You are the one of the important part of my life,
who makes my life so lovable and beautiful;
you make my heart to beat in a romantic way to feel your love.
Happy Valentine Day!


You are the girl to whom I saw in my dreams,
your love create a world to me, where I can fly with the wings of your love.
Happy Valentine Day!


You are a beautiful and innocent flower of my world
to which I love so much,
I would like to take care of you
and pamper you where you will smile with the purity of my love.
Happy Valentine Day!


All the diamond is appreciated by the people,
but your love is my diamond and you are the treasure for my life
which is I never want to lose. I love you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


You always admire my love and appreciate it in any situation,
your love creates a world to me,
where we both find togetherness and love for each other.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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