Happy Propose Day Wishes For gf bf | Propose Day Messages

Happy Propose Day Wishes For gf bf | Propose Day Messages


Happy Propose Day Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Propose Day is the second day in the valentine week. On this day large numbers of people propose their love by giving them any rose or gift and make them happier and feel the love as well they have in their heart for their girlfriend or boyfriend. If you like / love someone or someone is the important part of your life, you must share your feelings towards her/him. You can propose your girlfriend or boyfriend on this special day by text too along with flower or any ring.

And in this post we are sharing a Propose day wishes for girlfriend boyfriend, Propose sms, Happy propose day text messages, Happy propose day wishes for love, Propose day wishes for cards ,Propose day quote saying messages collection for you guys. These wishes messages will help you to express someone what you feel for them and also to tell them about your expectations in the return.


Happy Propose Day Wishes For gf bf | Propose Day Messages


Romantic Propose Day Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend


With Every Beat Of My Heart, I
Will Love You More And More,
After Years Of Togetherness This
Is My Solemn Vow For You, My Love!
Happy Propose Day Sweet Heart!


You are the dream of my life
to whom I want to come true.
I will love you always
and take care as well,
My heart only beats for you.
Happy Propose Day Dear!


Today I want to share that you are a world to me
whose presence make it so beautiful and complete my life.
I just want to give you lots of happiness
as well as love and want you to stay in my life forever.
Happy Propose Day!


When you are with me…My Heart beats fast
because of your magic of love.
I want our love increase day by day.
Happy Propose Day My Dear!


On This Special Day I Want To
Say: Grow Old Along With Me,
The Best Is Yet To Be. Will
You Spend The Rest Of Your Life
With Me? Happy Propose Day!


I don’t need any other language
because my eyes speak what my heart is saying.
All I want in my life
is that we stay together for all the life.
I Love You Dear.
Happy Propose Day!


Best Propose Day Messages For GF BF


Your love always in my mind
and make me think about you.
You are the person of my dreams
and you give me the reason of life.
I love you.
Happy Propose Day!


You are the person who understand me
and love me the way I am.
I only want is to hold your hand
tight and never let you go anywhere,
because your love make me complete and happier.
Happy Propose Day!


Before meet you,I never know what is love,
but you come in my life with the wings of love
for me to fly in the sky-high.
Your love make me so proud and happier.
I always want to spend my whole life with your love.
Happy Propose Day!


Without you my life is incomplete.
I want you to know that you are my everything,
and I want to hide you in my heart forever.
Happy Propose Day!


Dear,My life become more beautiful with your love,
I always need you whether I am happy or sad.
You make me feel special and make my world special with your love.
My life start from you and ends on you.
Happy Propose Day!


Nothing seems difficult and challenging as long as you are with me.
We have a very strange connection between us,
I want to love you and keep you in my life happier forever.
Happy Propose Day!


Happy Propose Day Wishes Messages For Love


Our love story is as good as the bond between us.
We laugh, smile, care and fight together
but our love will be same forever.
I love you.
Happy Propose Day!


There may be many people around me,
Many friends i have but the feeling of joy and love
I get from you I cannot explain.
I feel that we both make each other life complete.
I love you very much.
Happy Propose Day!


I never know when your love makes a place in my heart,
I don’t want to give you many big dreams
but want to make you my world to complete all your dream.
I love you Dear.
Happy Rose Day!


Your presence in my life make me happier
than other people company.
I just want to say that
I love you and want to feel you
the love and care from me
and promise you,
never let you down in any situation.
Happy Propose Day!


Good or bad time will come in our life,
l will stay by all life with you and hold your hand.
I will try to make your world as loving
and happier as you make my world.
I Love You Dear.
Happy Propose Day!


I Can Win The World
With My Hand,Only
If You Promise Me
To Hold My Other Hand,
For A Lifetime!!
Happy Propose Day My Love


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