Teddy Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


Teddy Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

In this post we are sharing a collection of teddy day wishes for girlfriend boyfriend, Cute teddy day sms for boyfriend girlfriend, Happy teddy bear day wishes messages, Sweet Teddy day greetings wishes for love, Teddy day love messages for someone special.


Teddy Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


Romantic Teddy Day Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend


I love my teddy.
Happy teddy bear day
You are my sweetest teddy bear.
Happy Teddy Bear Day My Dear!


Thank you to always being my teddy bear.
Happy Teddy Day My Love!


To my cutest cuddly love,
who is certainly my life,
this teddy bear is a sign,
that you will be forever mine.
Happy Teddy Bear Day!


By Gifting You This Teddy
I Want To Show Am Ready
To Make You Mine
And Fill My Life With Sunshine.
Happy Teddy Day Sweetheart!


Your love is the treasure of my life
which is so adorable like my teddy.
I love you forever.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


You are the person who brings
so much fun and happiness in my life,
I always want to hide you in my arms,
because so are hug gable like my teddy.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


My loving message is for my love…
My teddy is the token of my love
which sign our love will never die
till the end of my last breath.
Happy Teddy Day!


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I don’t have heart anymore
because my heart is always live with your heart,
your love make my life so easier and happier,
as my teddy is so smooth and soft. I love you forever.
Happy Teddy Day My Love.


Your love run in my blood and I keep safe in my heart
which gives me the reason of smile as my teddy give a big smile on your face.
Happy Teddy Day My Love.


Cute romantic Teddy Day Sms Messages For Gf Bf


Happy Teddy Day Wishes Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


The world of my teddy bear so innocent who is full of emotions and love it comes to you
with lots of love, hug and kisses, there is no space for hurts and wounds but a place for
your love my dear.
Happy Teddy Day Dear.


My teddy gives you twinkle in your eyes,
the smile on your lips and the joy of your face
because I love you a lot, you are the reason who make my world complete.
Happy Teddy Day.


I wish to be teddy,
So I would be sure to live with you
somewhere near your heart.
Happy Teddy Day Darling!


My loves for you only dear and my teddy is the sign that we will be tied soon in a
relationship of lifetime.
Happy Teddy Day Dear.


My teddy will be always with you,
It has always cheered and encourages you
that my love is only for you, and you always stay in my heart.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


A lovely teddy bear for my lovely girlfriend
to make sure that our love will never end.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


Whenever any memory comes in my mine,
Make me smile and happy, you always give me a touchy
and soft feeling like a teddy bear.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


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My love is soft and silky it always remains you my teddy,
It always gives you feeling of love and happiness.
Happy Teddy Day!


My teddy is sing of love and feelings of my heart
whenever you feel sad no worry
because I am always stood behind you
and my teddy makes you smile. I love you.
Happy Teddy Day!


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