Happy Teddy Day Wishes For Husband Wife | Teddy Day Sms For Couple


Happy Teddy Day Wishes For Husband Wife

February 10 is Teddy Day during valentine week. This day is celebrated by the all age of people around the world with lots of love Because Teddy bear is the symbol of softness and cuteness in the relationship. When married couples send / gift teddy to each other it means they are still in curtness of love and make it refresh feelings in their relationship with their husband/wife.
If you want to delight your husband or wife with your love you can send them cute teddy bear with a special sweet teddy day wishes message, And here in this post we are sharing a collection of teddy day wishes for husband wife, Teddy day wishes saying for married couple, Teddy day wishes for fiance and fiancee, Happy teddy day wishes message for cards.


Teddy Day Wishes For Husband Wife


This lovely message to my lovely wife,
On a lovely time to say I love you my darling,
keep the warmth of our love with this teddy.
Happy Teddy Day My Life!


My teddy will always with you
and gives you life to live,
New hopes to dreams,
It stays in your hearts
and make your day so wonderful.
Happy Teddy Day Darling!


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Every day my teddy will stay in your heart.
You will always receive a lovely hug
of my love from my lovely teddy.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


Happy Teddy Day Sms Messages For Husband Wife


My teddy will come to you
with lots of charming love
and welcome you in my world
where you find only happiness and no sorrow.
Happy Teddy Day!


My love is like a teddy bear
I will ready to lose anything but not your love,
I always maintain the dignity and worth of my love.
Happy Teddy Day!


Happy Teddy Day Wishes For Husband Wife


My teddy is so soft and silky as you are my love.
I want to gift you this teddy so you can
feel my love so touchy and so lovely.
Happy Teddy Day!


My teddy will be the reason for your lovely smile
and make you always happier.
This will be the sign to increase our love day by day.
Happy Teddy Day My Darling!


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Latest Teddy Day Wishes For Husband Wife


Our love makes our life so gracious
and friendly with lots of smiles.
My teddy is very rare and special for you
because your love is so special for me.
Happy Teddy Day!


This cutest teddy to my lovely wife is a token of our love,
and will say that we will forever stay together.
Happy Teddy Day Love!


Teddy knows no reason, teddy knows no lies,
and my teddy only defies all reasons of love.
My love will always live in your thoughts and hearts,
you always make my life so smooth
and your love is as silky as my teddy.
Happy Teddy Day Dear!


You can feel my teddy;
you can hug my teddy
because my teddy has a big stuffed heart in it,
as I have for you my love.
I love you so much.
Happy Teddy Day!


You can love, hug and kiss my teddy
because it always gives you love in return
as I do in my life for you my dear wife.
Happy Teddy Day!


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