Happy Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife

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Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife

Friendship day is not the day to celebrate among the friends, married couples also celebrate the day and make their bond stronger to send each other text message and express the feeling and faith they have for each other.
Here in this section we have a collection of Happy Friendship Day wishes for husband wife, Sweet Friendship Day message for better half, Latest Friendship day card messages for life partner, Special Friendship Day wishes for hubby, You can send or share these wishes/ messages to make happy and proud to your life partner and show your heart feelings towards them to bring more love in you relation and create some good moments on this special day.


Happy Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife


Latest Happy Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife



My life has all the colors,
Because I have you not only as my hubby,as friend too.


There are a one million reasons why I love you,
But the sweetest one starts with our friendship.


You are so caring and loving;
I just want to ‘thank you’ for being my best friend in my life.
Happy Friendship Day Dear Hubby!


Look honey, we have made it,
We have spent a lovely life together.
We might have fought a number of times,
But we have enjoyed the best years of our marriage.
May we fall in love with friendship more and more each day.


I love all the things you do. I love your pampering.
Your cuddles and warm caresses melt my heart.
The understanding we share allows me to share all my secrets with you.
You are not just a husband, but my best friend too.


Dear Husband,All the years you spent with me will not just make memories,
but will also make our love stronger ever after. I love you. You’re the my best friend.


When we met for the first time,
I just saw a good friend in you.
But now that I am your wife,
I enjoy the best moments with you.
I love you my hubby.
Happy Friendship Day!


Romantic Friendship Day Messages For Husband Wife


Thanks for understanding me,
Thanks for loving me the way I am.
My hubby,My best friend.
Wish You a Happy Friendship Day.


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You are my love,You are my life,
You are my bestest friend,
Thank you for being my wife!


They say a man is gifted with seven lives,
All my seven lives I want you as my friend and my wife.
Happy Friendship Day!


You take care of me day and night,
Forgive me whenever we fight,
You are my best friend who love me
More than own life.
Happy friendship day Dear Wife!


Since the day I married you,
I have known real happiness in life.
You are not just a wife
But also my good friends.
Happy Friendship Day!


Friendship Day Greeting Wishes For Husband Wife


Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife


When we started just as friends,
Little did we know that we would fall for each other,
It’s amazing how love takes over.
Happy Friendship Day Sweetheart!


May all the years we spent,
Make our love and friendship stronger,
And add glory to our life.
Happy Friendship Day Dear!


Dear, I am so lucky to have you as my life partner;
you are a good friend and a good lover.
Every day create some good memories and moment with you
is the best time of my life.
Happy Friendship Day!


Your tender smile and warm huge magically makes my day bright,
you are a special friend of my life
who always support me and guide me for the right path,
and you are the reason of my all happiness.
Happy Friendship Day!


The moment you hold my hand and say you are always trust me makes my whole life so
beautiful. You are the real hero, love and friend of my life, I love you.
Happy Friendship Day!


Your love added more respect and love into my life,
I am so happy to have a husband like you in my life,
your love and trust makes my world more beautiful and full of happiness.
Happy Friendship Day!


Friendship Day Wishes For Husband Wife


My destiny is the best of my life that bring a lover,
a partner and a friend together in one person
and makes my life so wonderful.
Happy Friendship Day Dear!


I never knew what heartbreak is
because you are my sweet heart and a lovely friend
who understand me and complete my world.
Happy Friendship Day!


You are the person with whom I become “we”,
you are not who only loves me but understand me like a friend.
Happy Friendship Day Dear!


Happy Friendship Day to my beautiful wife!
who still makes my heart beats so fast,
I wish this day filled with many smiles,
beautiful moments and love.


I am so happy to have an amazing person in my life;
you are so special for me as a life partner and a friend.
Happy Friendship Day!


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Every day I fall in love again with you,
our friendship and trust makes our relationship
more beautiful in the world.
Happy Friendship Day!


Any distance will never separate the feelings of
friendship and love we have in our hearts.
Happy friendship Day Dear Life Partner !


There is no relation better in life than having a husband
who is a dear friend too.
Your love and care always make a smile on my face.
Happy Friendship Day!


Happy Friendship Day to the, most wonderful person of my life!
We spent and create many beautiful moments together;
you are such a loving and thoughtful friend of my life.


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