Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages For Brother

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Happy Birthday Wishes Messages For Brother


I wish you have an awesome day,
May all your dreams come true this day,
Heartiest birthday wish from your cute little sister
to my ever so caring brother,
Have a nice day,
Stay Blessed In Life!


The meaning of brother to me is:
Yes that’s you
Happy Birthday Brother!


Everything that starts has to end one day,
But, let my confess to you today,
That I will love you till the end of time,
You make my life worthwhile, reason for a smile,
Happy Birthday To My Sweet Brother.
There is no one like you, no one another!


I am so blessed,
Coz I have a bro like you,
I don’t need anybody in life,
Coz you are my friend, guide, guardian and sometimes opponent too,
Happy birthday brother,
Have a Nice Day!


With you journey of life has been so good,
All I want to say is ‘touch wood’,
All the fights and sweet moments that we shared,
May our bond always remain with time,
Wish You a Super Happy Birthday My Brother!


Hurry! It’s your birthday today,
Blow the candle and dance all night,
Make every corner a pleasant sight,
Enjoy yourself my sweet bro,
This is my only wish I want you to know,
Happy Birthday!


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Brother


All the pranks which you played on me,
I knew everything, everything I could see,
Still I never complained about you,
You know why,
Coz I love you so much,
Happy Birthday Dear Brother!


With you I learned how to share,
With you I learned how to care,
You have taught be the right values of life,
Without you it is just so tough to survive,
Happy Birthday Bro!


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Happy birthday to my dearest little brother,
May you get every possible thing you wish for,
Always stay blessed in life,
Have an awesome day; make the most of it today!


Should I call you my brother?
Or my best friend,
With you I just don’t need to pretend,
You are a lovely person by heart,
You always helped me to make a perfect start.
Happy Birthday Dear brother!


Having an elder bro like you, means a lot,
You have always guided me when I went wrong,
protected me on the way,
You are the best bro anyone can ever ask.
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday!


What is the meaning of my brother?
Real fun to be with
Excellent personality
Happy Birthday Bro!


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Touching Birthday Messages For Brother


I may not show that I care for you,
I may not show that I truly do,
But, I really respect you from my heart,
You have been my life’s wonderful part.
Happy Birthday Brother!


The best gift that
I’ve ever received in my life
is having you as a brother.
Dear Brother I hope
your birthday is filled with joy and cheer.
Happy Birthday!


We may have fought on silly things,
But, still we are attached like two strings,
We may not show our love,
But we will never ever shove.
Happy birthday My Dear Brother!


Dear Bro,
You may have troubled me a lot,
But, this will be my only thought,
Wish you have an awesome day today,
Coz it’s your special birthday,
So Have a Nice Day!


Have some fun coz it’s your birthday today,
Make it special in every way,
Glad to have you as my brother,
There is no one like you, not another,
Have a lovely day,
Happy Birthday!


I may not tell you this,
But I respect you a lot,
There are so many things which you taught,
I really cannot forget them,
Stay blessed my brother;
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday!


All the fights that we had,
All the reasons which made me sad,
Enough to say that you are a brat,
But still I love you a lot my bro,
Wish you a very happy birthday,
I just want you to know, that I care for you,
Enjoy your day, Happy Birthday Brother!


Happy Birthday Dear Brother,
I may not have many expressions to show,
But you have been my strength in life,
You taught me the meaning to strive,
Glad to have you as my elder bro,
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday!


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