Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

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Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

Here in this post we are sharing the collection of very romantic messages for long distance relationship,Heartwarming long distance relationship messages,Long distance relationship love messages for him her,Romantic long distance relationship messages for girlfriend boyfriend.


Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship


We are one day closer to seeing
each other again.
And it gives me the power
to live for one more day
without you.


Every time I close my eyes,
I wish I will see you when I open it.


One day there will
be no distance
between you and me.
I Love You Dear!


Our bond stronger
than the distance between us.
I Love You Sweetheart!


It’s true we don’t have it as easy
as ordinary couples.
But this is no ordinary love.


I’ll Hold You in My Heart
Till I Can Hold You in My Arms.


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Distance means so little when
someone means so much.


I will never give up
On you.
Because losing
You is like losing
a part of me.


Long Distance Relationship Love Messages For Him Her


I love everything
about you,
Except the fact
you’re not with me.


I miss you so much
that I am jealous of the people
that get the chance to see you every day.


You are a thousand miles away.
But no one else is closer
to my heart than you are.


You’re too far for my hands
to hold you,
but too near for my heart
to love you.


You are the first thing
I think of every morning,
the last thing
that stays on my mind every night.


You have no idea how
Important you are to me, and
I have no idea how
To explain it to you.


Every minute feels like
an hour, Every hour
feels like a day, Every
day feels like forever,
But I will wait forever
and a day for you.


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No matter how far you are,
I will wait for you until
we can finally be together.


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