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Romantic New Year Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Happy new year to my love.
May this year be full of
memories and beautiful moments of you and me.


May this year be special
and lovely and bring you closer to me.
Happy New Year Sweetheart!


You’re my love the best thing that ever happened to me.
And you’re the best thing that
I’m taking with me into the next year.
Happy new year!


I wish every year we always stay together
and always keep loving each other despite all the odds.
Happy New Year My Love!


I loved you yesterday, I love you today,
and I look forward to loving you every day and every year.


The more years go by, the more ways I learn to love you.
Happy New Year My Love!


Years will come and go,
but my love for you will always be the same.
I Love You Dear and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year My Love Messages


You are the one I love with all my heart.
I just want to spend my every year with you.


May this New Year be the beginning of something very special.
I will always be with you to make your all dreams come true.
Happy New Year Dear!


May New Year bring a smile to your face,
may all your wishes come true
and may we always be stay together.
Happy New Year!


Hoping the New Year keeps you next to me
and brings us many special moments together.
Happy New Year My Love!


The years we have spent together, so far, have been wonderful
and I look forward to spend many more years with you.
Dear Love…Happy New Year!


Be mine for today, for tomorrow and forever.
Happy New Year Dear !


Romantic New Year Wishes For Boyfriend



To the most special person in my life,
Just thinking about you makes everything better.
May our New Year be wonderful.
Happy New Year Dear!


Another year has passed, another year has come.
I wish our journey of love continue to be a great one.
Happy New Year My Love !


I know that next year will be the great and happy one
because I am about to spend it
with the most wonderful person in the world.
Happy New Year Sweetheart !


May new year be a little brighter
than the one before,
May new year be filled with more happiness
than the one before.


I am glad that I am able to share my every year with you;
and just want you to know I love you and appreciate you.
Happy New Year my Better Half!


May our journey of love continue this year to be a great one.
Happy New Year Sweetheart !


Romantic New Year Wishes For Girlfriend


May many more happy years come our way
and may we continue celebrate many more years of continued love.
Happy New Year…I Love You Dear!


All I want is you holding me tight in your arms,
whole the year coz I wanna be close to you near your heart.
Happy New Year Dear!


You are so special to me,
and I cannot imagine a single day, month and year without you.
Happy new Year!


Your voice makes my day, month and year beautiful.
You are the one I love and care about.
Happy New Year!


The way you love me, the way you touch my heart,
I wish the beautiful journey, will never end till I die.
Thanks for making the every year so special in my life.
Happy New Year my Life !


My favorite part of the year is waking every day beside you.
I want to wake up beside you all the coming years of my life.
Happy New Year Sweetheart!


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