Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Good Night Wishes

Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Good night message means convey to the person that him/her is the last thought of the day and you do lots of love,care about him/her. When you send a Good night messages or wishes to your love one, girlfriend or boyfriend it means you are thinking,care of him/her. A good night message should have a love feelings in words which you can send to your girlfriend or boyfriend . In this post we are sharing the best good night wishes messages for boyfriend or girlfriend,Good night wishes for lover,Romantic good night messages,Good night message to sweetheart,good night message for him or her,Romantic good night messages for girlfriend or boyfriend and Good night love wishes which are full of love feeling and care.Send your boyfriend girlfriend these good night messages and make him her night full of love.


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Good Night Wishes For Gf Bf | Romantic Good Night Messages


Good Night My Love,
I hope today was lovely as you are
and I hope you wake in
the morning feeling beautiful as ever.


I don’t scare of dark because thinking of you
makes my night sweet and full of love,
sleep well my love.


Night incomplete without
wishing my darling sweet dreams,
keep dreaming of me my love.


Before you go to sleep, I want you to know,
I’m so completely in love with you.
Good Night Dear!


I don’t need sweet dreams
because you are my sweetest dream ever,
love you sweetheart.
Good Night !


Sweetheart you are the last thing
I think about before I fall asleep
and the first thing I think when I wake up.
I love you so much…Good Night!


I may be tired, I may be sleepy.
But I will never be able to fall asleep,
until I wish you sweet dreams.
Good Night Dear !


Romantic Good Night Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


This is the time of day
when I wish I could be
there with you in your arm
and so close to your heart.
Good Night My Sweet Love!


I wish I could be your pillow
so that all night I get
the chance to kiss your sweet chicks.
Miss you & Good Night Dear !


Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight.
Good Night My Sweetheart!


Your love is like a lamp
which gives me sweetest night.
Good Night My Heart!


There are just few words to say you every night,
so allow me to say these three words – I love you.
Good Night Dear!


I can’t wait to be in your arms in this wonderful night.
I Love you-Good night!


Between the million night passed and million night yet to come,
There’s only one today and I will never want to let it pass
without telling you dear how much I love you
Have a Good Night Dear!


At night when air blows my hairs,
I supposed they are your kisses
I feel like melting in your arms
and getting lost in your dreams.
Dear Love miss you..
Have a Sweet Dream!


Good night my love.
Have sweet and lovely dreams of us together.


Before going to bed,
I wish that I could give you a
Sweet kiss with a tight hug
to show you how much I love you.
Good Night my love!


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