Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes Sayings & Slogans

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Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes Sayings & Slogans

Here you will find collection of Eco Friendly Diwali quotes sayings, Anti crackers slogan quotes for Diwali, Eco friendly Diwali slogans & thoughts and one line safe Diwali quotes and sayings who will encourage you to protect the nature.


Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes Sayings & Slogans


Don’t Act Mean, Go Green. Celebrate An Eco Friendly Diwali This Year.


Have A Eco friendly Diwali. Let This Diwali Burn All Your Bad Times.


Let Us Have A Smoke Free And Breathe Free Diwali.


Show that you care, Celebrate Green Diwali.


This Diwali Only Diyas, No Fireworks.


Lets Fill Our Homes With Prayers & Light
Not With Fumes & Crackers on this Diwali !!


Avoid Crackers, Celebrate Nature.


Let’s not forget our nature. Celebrate an Eco friendly Diwali!


Green is the new black. Have a Eco friendly Diwali.


Say no cracker let us come together to
celebrate a pollution free Diwali this year !!


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Let us minimize the poisonous effects of crackers
and maximize the happiness with earthen lamps.


Burst Crackers If You Want To Spoil The Nature.
Celebrate An Environmentally Safe Diwali !


Short Eco Friendly Diwali Sayings Slogans


Diwali comes to eliminate darkness but not to avoid environmental cleanliness.


Earth is only planet we can live;
avoid burning firecrackers at Diwali and save earth.


The light welcomes a victorious return;
please don’t spoil it with fires and burns!!
Celebrate a Eco friendly Diwali at this year.


This Diwali only diyas no firecrackers.
Celebrate a Eco friendly Diwali !


Give out a children a green future.
Say no to fireworks celebrate a Eco friendly Diwali at this year.


This Diwali burst your ego not crackers.
Celebrate eco-friendly Diwali !


Sparkles of crackers is so bright, but the effect of this push the environment into dark.
Have a Eco friendly Diwali at this year.


This Diwali leads your planet with lights !


Earn but not burn.Celebrate a safe Diwali!


Be a Eco friendly Diwali ! Let us no more burn out mother nature to heals our burnouts !


Let’s avoid firecrackers & celebrate Eco friendly Diwali !


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