Broken Heart Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Broken Heart Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Here in this post we share a collection of sad broken heart messages for girlfriend boyfriend, Broken heart messages for husband wife, Sad broken heart sms text messages.


Broken Heart Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


You hurt me more than I deserve.
It is just because
I loved You more than you deserve.


I was not always Heartless
But after you broken my heart
I start using my heartless.


I will remember you not as the one
who broke my heart,
but as the one
who taught me how to live with
a broken heart.
Still Love You!


Broken Heart Is Same As A Melted Chocolate,
It Will Never Come To Position
That Would remain Prior To It.


Don’t Give Special Place To
Any One In Your Heart,
Its Easy To Give That Place
But It Hurts More When
They Don’t Know The
Value Of That Place.


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‘I Hate My broken heart’
It Is The only Part of My life
That Cannot forget you.


Broken Heart Message For Gf BF


It’s painful because you broke my heart
but my heart still belongs to you,
I don’t think I’ll be able to love
anyone like I love you.


You’re the first person who broke my heart.
For the rest of my life,
you will always be the one who hurt me the most.
Don’t forget that.


You are the one that I love so much
and you are the reason why my heart broke so much.


I don’t regret anything we did or said,
and I am thankful you broke my heart
because now I won’t let it be broken again.


I was positive I was in love with you
I was positive it was true
What the heck am I supposed to do
You broke my heart in two?


Don’t trust too much,
don’t love too much,
and don’t care too much
because that too much’
will hurt you so much.


You still make me smile,
Even if you’re the reason
why my heart broke so much.


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