Sorry Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Sorry Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend From Heart

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Sorry Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


I am sorry from the core of my heart
For hurting you this bad.
Please forgive me.


I know saying sorry won’t fix what I have done,
but those are the only words that.
can convey how I feel right now.


This fight made me realize,
how much important you are to me.
I am very Sorry.


You are my heart, my life,
my one and only thought.
sorry for what i did.


I’m sorry for the mistakes I cause you.
did not intentionally plan to
commit such wrongdoing.
I promise never to do it again.


My life truly feels empty
without you in it.
I am sorry for everything,
and I hope you can forgive me
so we start over.
I love you!


Sorry Messages For Love


I really hate it when we fight,
I hate it even more
when I realise that it was all my
fault. I am so sorry.
I love you so much.
Please forgive me!


Apologize Not Because Am Wrong
But Because I Value Our Relationship
More Than My Ego.


I am sorry for what I did.
I will wait forever if that is
how long you need to forgive me.


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How do I say the words.
‘I’m sorry’ when I know that words
are not enough?
And how can I ask you to forgive me
when I know I can’t forgive myself?


I feel so sad and bad after
throwing those words to you.
I’m Sorry Dear.
I want you to know that you
are so dear to me.


Dear, love for you has deeply rooted in my heart,
so I am always worried when you take offence at me.
Please, forgive me.


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