Irish Toast To Friends | St. Patrick’s Day Toast

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Irish Toast To Friends And St. Patrick’s Day Toast

Toasting in an Ireland is often a very understand thing between couple of friends with honor and sincerity. Irish Toast are message of good luck, honor and cheer any good movement of life to share with friends and family. Ireland is known for the conviviality with its Toast and Blessings, here we have a collection of wishes and messages for Irish Toast to friends.


Irish Toast To Friends | St. Patrick's Day Toast


May your love as long as you want,
the good luck pursue you each morning and night.


May the Lord keep you in his hand,
the angles will protect you and heaven accept you.


May your joys be as deep as the oceans your troubles as light as its foam.
I wish you luck for you and your friends.


May your fortune always follow you,
and the strength of there is in your journey


May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you
and the hand of a friend always is near you.


May your troubles be less and happiness comes to your door.


May the luck of the Irish lead to happiest heights and green limits.


Irish Wishes Blessing


Always forget the things that made you sad,
and remember the things that made you glad.


May the flower of love give you shadow of health,
peace and prosperity among your family and friends.


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May all your troubles will grow less and bring more joy,
peace and lots of blessing in your life.


May God love you and bless you with the direction of Love, happiness and joy.


May the peace and plenty be the first on your door
and happiness will be guided you with the candle of hopes.


Your heart fill with light and happiness,
May your smile be big and wide with your pockets have a coin or two inside.


You always have walls for the winds roof for the rain,
laughter to cheer you and love near you, all your heart might desire.


May God send many blessings to you that love for never ends with lots of good health, money and friends? May all wishes you wish come true.

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